2012 BMW M6 Convertible: Performance and Grandeur Perfection

Have you been on the road with this baby? The new BMW M6 convertible over the course of two days has impressively showcased its fantastic features in the curvy road of Santa Barbara.

“Over 100 miles of scenic and curvy roads, the M6 Convertible impressed us with its perfect synergy between a high-performance vehicle and a stylish grand tourer. The soft top convertible  is fairly heavy at 4,509 pounds, but aided by a future award-winning engine and a unique tuned up chassis, the high-end convertible makes the extra weight and size being fairly irrelevant.”


Even just by looking at it, I know this is going to be one dishy topic for BMW aficionado. This M6 droptop is built with a rigid rear sub-frame mount, M-specific suspension with Dynamic Damper Control and hydraulic-assisted power steering. This baby will give you the best driving performance ever –suspension stiffness, double-clutch shifting response, steering feedback and control stability.

Now, putting aside performance – how fast can this baby go? Well, check out how Horatiu Boeriu described it…
“So how fast does it go? Fast enough to make us drive the car like we stole it. On the twisty roads of Sierra Madre, the M6 makes its dimensions and weight work in its favor. Without hesitation, we switched over to Sport or Sport+ mode, pushed the aggressively setup M1 or M2 buttons, and off we were to conquer the road. The M flagship has not lost its core values and we instantly come to experience great steering feedback, road grip, dynamics and perfect balance, as we fly through corners, both up and downhill. As designed, the Comfort mode is there to calm you down without taking away all the fun. Sport or Sport+ modes increase the throttle response and gave us an adrenaline rush as we flew through corners and imaginary racing lines.”
Whoa!!! Anyone with zeal for speed is going to love this. Check this out:
“Now onto the exhaust note. Yes, it’s not as glorious as the one in the E60 M5, but we believe most of the buyers will find it more than adequate and sufficiently loud with either the top down or up. Sitting on the side of the road and watching the other M6s pass by, made us appreciate the acoustics.”
“The standard 19″ non-runflat wheels and M compound braking system with 6 piston front calipers and single piston rear calipers, give us the confidence needed in the most unexpected situations.At low speeds, the brakes are a bit touchy and takes time to break them in or getting used to, but they shine the most at full speed and sharp corners.”
Aren’t you excited to get into this car and drive around town or even city-to-city? This was already out last July and you can get your hands on it this instant.
“A first for an M model, the M6 Convertible and Coupe will be available starting in July with carbon-ceramic brake rotors as an option. BMW of North America M Brand Manager Matt Russel says the ceramic brakes resist fade better than the standard brakes while weighing 40 pounds less.”
“The Gran Tourer spirit comes to life on flat highways. Switching over to Comfort and the M6 Convertible becomes a perfect commuter car, expensive and luxurious, yet eager to conquer the road with a push of a button. Compared to the regular 6 Series Coupe, the Comfort mode remains fairly aggressive.”
“Our Frozen Grey M6 was one of the most sought test vehicles, partly thanks to its rare factor and the matte paint that perfectly describes the design lines as the artist outlined in his sketches. The character line from front to rear is now accentuated more than ever, while two flowing lines run across the hood towards they end in the front fascia.”
 It just feels so good to enjoy both high-performance vehicle and sophistication both at the same time. Look at the vehicle’s color – they’re just so irresistible, huh?
Article Source: BMWblog
 Author Bio:
 John Mariani is the owner of Bavarian Performance Group that specializes in BMW service and repair in Boston . He is committed to provide only the highest quality BMW original equipment parts, fluids, and accessories.








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